Software consultant

Motivated, loves challenges.
>12 years experience in software development.
Java guru, who loves Angular 2+, React 16.3+ with Redux and NodeJS.

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>12 year experience in java. An entrepreneur and problem solver. Also an experienced coach and trainer. I come out best when I work independently or as a coach. I enjoy sharing my experience to empower collegues. You can always rely on me !


You only get one first impression. But perfection is in the details, and those details take time. It's really a matter of (enforcing) good specs and following procedures. Once the specifications are clear, it's possible to plan ahead, and to deliver perfection in time.

Quality and Improvement

Always tries to do even better than last time. I enjoy programming in my free time, for open source projects, or for personal applications. That gives me the chance to try new tools, libraries and frameworks.


I love challenges and to beat a deadline. A team that actually works as a team, is extremely motivating. "I love it when a plan comes together." I really enjoy good relationships, not just with collegues, but also with customers.

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My cv contains more details about my studies, skills and professional experiences.
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